Some 2020 dates have been rescheduled for 2021 & 2022. Please see new dates below.

Jammin' In Jamaica

Negril, Jamaica

Hot Jazz, Iceland, & The Blue Lagoon

Netherlands & Iceland



Kat's South African Luxury Safari

South Africa

Cruise the Nile, Visit Home of the Nubians




"Kat"-a- pult to 2022

Dubai &Abu Dhabi

Dubai & Abu Dhabi



A Stroll Through Black Paris

Paris, France


Casablanca, Rabat & Marrakech


"After Brazil, Italy by Motorcoach, Montreux & North Sea Jazz; South Africa 2013 is still one of the most memorable vacations I've ever had. Thanks Kat for exposing me to the world."

Love you so much,

Van Washington,

Washington, DC

"Kat, I have been traveling with you since the 80's. I have Kat Tracked with you twice to Paris, Italy by Motorcoach, Dubai twice, New Year's cruises, South Africa, Montreux & North Sea Jazz to name a few. You continue to spoil us all with your top notch accommodations, handpicked restaurants and the best airlines, like Emirates and your professionalism is second to none. I look forward to Negril in July, Christmas and New Years on the water and Canary Islands 2017."

Lucille Johnson,

Oakland, CA


"In early 2000 I read about Kat in Essence. We immediately connected and Fiji in August 2016 will be my 5th International trip with Kat. I have travelled with and without a companion for years but have never been alone. Many of the people who go with Kat become family. She has also helped me with add-ons before and after a trip. Kat’s vacations are always top shelf and pre-vetted for your pleasure and safety. She works with her clients and expects the best from us and from the services we receive. If anything is subpar, you can believe it gets handled and not repeated. These are only some of reasons why I trust her and keep coming back."

Nicole Robinson-Hamilton,

Franklin, TN


"There's something I call the " X-Factor" when you travel with Kattrax . I've been to some of the same countries on different tours , but with Kat it is totally different.  She delivers the  best of whatever the area has to offer in accommodations, dining, and mingling with the locals; all with a touch of soul."

Gail Kelly,

Griffin, Georgia 


"This is my third trip with Kat and have had a blast each time. Before Kat, I had never stepped outside of the US. Now to date, I have had my passport stamped by five different countries. And it is all thanks to Kat! Your unique spin on traveling the world is what makes me always want to come back for more... the care, sweat and tears is clear from the beginning to end. Thank you Kat for taking the time to plan each trip, as if it’s a trip of a lifetime. I look forward to the next..."

Alisha Jordan,

Los Angeles, California


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